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Celestial Ornaments and Jewelry


I have been fascinated by the skies since I was a child.  I spent many hours lying in the grass looking for shapes of animals in clouds during the day and being in awe of endless clusters of stars at night. 

Stars are a lot less visible these days because I live close to a large city but it's so exciting when full moons and super moons roll around because they're bright and usually visible from just about anywhere in the world.    

My fascination with and love of celestial images didn't change but grew to include an appreciation of the use of these images in art, culture, architecture and many other areas throughout history.  

Rarely have I come across a person who doesn't in some way love and appreciate these symbols as much as I do.  When asked why, most reply that they're not exactly sure what it is but there's a certain comfort or happiness associated with them.  Perhaps that's why they have endured as symbols of hope, faith, courage and wishes throughout history.   


Owner and Designer 

Tracy Webb